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Luminar Crack is the first image editor to use artificial intelligence exclusively. It is a macOS and Windows program and plug-in. Luminar AI makes taking beautiful images faster, more fun, and shockingly simple. It also allows you to create 3D depth to realistic atmospheric effects such as fog, haze, haze, steam, and precipitation. You may also create a fantastic ambiance without using masks or layers.

A new artificial intelligence engine has been added to the Skylum app Luminar AI. You’ll need a lot of power under the hood to achieve all of these fantastic results. The core of Luminar AI, on the other hand, is faster and wiser. As a result, you obtain higher-quality items in a shorter amount of time.

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With Luminar AI, it’s simple to make eye-catching photos. Luminar AI simplifies the process of image editing and turns it into a game. You don’t need masks or capes to create a magical atmosphere. You may even add genuine atmospheric effects to your images, such as drizzle, fog, haze, haze, and steam. You may add clarity and depth to the appropriate sections of your images without overburdening them. It recognizes people, objects, water, and other things because it is an AI-based tool. The goal of developing Luminar AI-based photo editing software is to cut down on the amount of time it takes to edit photos. You may pre-order Luminar AI on its official website.

They’re both picture editing programs, but Skylum created Luminar AI with the goal of making telling your visual stories entertaining and simple. Traditional picture editing is time-consuming and tiresome, but because Luminar AI crack automates common photo editing activities, you’ll have more time to tell others about your captivating tales.

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In order to match macOS capabilities, you must also describe the applications you want to work on Luminar AI crack. Luminar Crack is a powerful piece of software that can transform any image into something both offensive and lovely. It features a variety of filters and effects that allow you to alter photographs as well as presets that can fine-tune the shot. Luminar Mac is an extremely dependable piece of software for all types of artists and users. Greater creative tools and components are included, allowing for even more innovation. Learn more about the program, which is available in 11 languages including English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Italian, and Spanish.

Features of Luminar AI 1.4.1 Crack With Patch:

  • AI for the Atmosphere
    With Atmosphere AI, you can create realistic atmospheric effects with 3D depth, such as fog, mist, haze, steam, and precipitation. Without the use of masks or layers, you may create a fantastic atmosphere.
  • AI Structure
  • Boost details in all the right areas without going overboard. People, water, skies, and objects are all recognized by Structure AI. Just the right amount of depth and clarity can be added to a scene.
  • Artificial Intelligence in the Sky
  • Change the sky in your shot in seconds to create a completely different atmosphere. Even with minor elements intersecting your sky, it works brilliantly. Relight the entire image so that the original image’s colors match the lighting and colors of your new environment.
  • Color Coordination
  • Saturation and Vibrance aren’t enough. Complete color depth adjustment and color refinement for balance—the ultimate finishing touch.
  • Exceptional contrast
  • Adding detail to a photograph gives it new depth. With six parameters spanning highlights, mid-tones, and shadows, you can fine-tune the tone.
  • Mood
  • With our Mood tool, you can bring color to life. Experiment with new color palettes to change your image’s style and feel.
  • From any viewpoint, create a fantastic composition.
  • With Composition AI, you’ll always obtain the right crop. The intelligent engine combines the golden rules of composition with the knowledge of the best photographers on the planet.
  • Give persons and photos a magical touch.
  • Faces and bodies of various sizes, ages, and hues are transformed by breakthrough AI.
  • What’s the best part?
  • Manual selections, masking, layering, and other time-consuming photo editing chores are not required.
  • AI for the human body
  • For a realistic and spectacular appearance, make bodies appear lighter or add weight when needed.
  • AI Iris
  • Create stunning, expressive eyes with a genuine glint that brings a face to life.
  • Face Artificial Intelligence
  • Improve the appearance of your face naturally by enhancing your lips and teeth, removing undesirable dark circles, and more.
  • Skin Artificial Intelligence
  • Remove imperfections in an instant while protecting pores, texture, and hair.


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  • In batch mode, there is no before and after feature. Photoshop or equivalent software is not required.

What’s new?

  • This is the first release.

System requirements:


  • Hardware: Windows-based hardware PC with mouse or similar input device
  • Processor: CPU Intel® CoreTM i5 or better, AMD RyzenTM 5 or better
  • OS version: 10 (only 64-bit OS).
  • RAM: Memory 8 GB RAM or more (16+ GB of RAM is recommended)
  • Disk space: Hard disk 10 GB free space; SSD for best performance
  • Display: 1280×768 size or better
  • Graphics: Open GL 3.3 or later compatible graphics card


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